I forgot to say…

…that THIS happened last week:   According to various Farmers of Questionable Repute, this means we will be getting blasted this year. I managed to contain my glee, because people are still pissed about Winter Storm Atlas. As they should be. As I would be if I weren’t still reeling from Texas summer weather syndrome.    

Knock, knock

This baby is KICKING. At first I thought it was exceptionally regular gas, which is a thing I do have, but it so isn’t — it’s a baby. Weird. The most typical description I’ve read for this feeling is usually something insubstantial and vague, such as “butterfly wings” or “fluttering.” Something more accurate (from today’s … More Knock, knock

Spicy Not Spicy

I checked out the free pdf of Leanne Brown’s cookbook Good and Cheap (via the NPR article link, here’s a link directly to the PDF) and it looks excellent, a great way to incorporate more veggies, more regularly while also showing us a glimpse to our future eating habits, once I pop out the baby and … More Spicy Not Spicy

Bock, bock, bock: Lauds and libs for Easter

Yes, it’s a belated Easter edition of Laudations and Libations! Consume at your own risk. LAUDS 1. Against all better judgment and amid the protests of my battle-hardened gall bladder, I decided to make these: Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs from Not Without Salt Yes, they are disgusting…ly amazing. Let me tell you they’re very, very different … More Bock, bock, bock: Lauds and libs for Easter