Writing AND Tea

Yes, the tea really is that size. A and I are trying a Mister Mom-type routine. I go and write for a few hours while he takes care of E and the house. It’s funny — Mister Mom is a such a crappy designator, and yet I have such fond memories of that movie. Oh, … More Writing AND Tea


OUT WITH THE OLD So here are my old resolutions from last year: Resolutions for 2016 (with an aside, 2016 Baby Thoughts) How did I do? Ehhhhh. I can’t say I laughed much, although I did write a personalized Choose Your Own Adventure (so not TM) for a family member as a wedding gift. It was … More Revisitations

Titles are EASY

So last night, I decided to bite the bullet on something that has been bothering me for a couple of years: the title of the Big Damn Novel. It needs a better one. One of my beta readers had kindly pointed this out on her readthrough, and while she and I couldn’t agree on a … More Titles are EASY

Writing tics, and the tale of a Comparison that slipped its leash

Recently I was reading a book — okay, a tome, rather, because even in ebook form it is gigantic, by a well-known author. I’ve read previous books (which may also have been tomes) by this author and I enjoyed them. However, as I continued through this one, I began to notice an intriguing trend. There was a substantial … More Writing tics, and the tale of a Comparison that slipped its leash