The Most Smartest

MOVING: AN ELEGY (ALSO, POLITICS) Or should that be a eulogy? Because I am dead from moving, seriously. I don’t think my brain can take any more relocation so will be staying here on the couch (with computer on lap, tea in hand, and dog underfoot) until my brain and insides figure out their proper places … More The Most Smartest

Various Imagined Futures

PAHLETIX  I would love for this election to be over tomorrow, instead of in November — call me, I dunno, THIN-SKINNED, but I am not looking forward to just over three months of Trump garbage, of Mike Pence trying to square his “religious freedom” bullshit with some awkward newfound support for “L…G…B….T” folks. Of Hillary For … More Various Imagined Futures


There are spoilers in this post for season two of Veronica Mars, and that’s all the warning I’m gonna give because I assume you all have seen it years ago, yes? At one point in the show, Veronica apologizes to her guidance counselor for possibly spoiling the secret of Citizen Kane,  and her counselor’s all, yeah, no problem, seen … More TV, TV, TV


  Took E to the pool last night and it was A-MAZING. We did tummy time on a giant kickboard, and various water stretches and games. A+, would do again.