May be habit-forming

To parent well, you have to form new habits. Luckily for parents, it’s an activity that comes with the super-effective conditioning stimuli: soul-wrenching screams. I am here to tell you that these work, especially for someone like me who spent the decade after reaching age of majority indulging myself and only myself. Parenting and proper parently … More May be habit-forming

Lemon Bar Fail

There’s a reason you make your lemon bar filling while the crust is baking. It’s because you need to pour it into the crust while the crust is still warm. This is essential. Because otherwise, if too cool (or overdone) the crust will pull away from the edges of the pan, and the filling will … More Lemon Bar Fail

“New and different bad things happen to you at every stage.”

Stuff That quote is from one of the writing podcasts I’m catching up on, taken completely out of context. Keeping on. Drinking some Numi Emperor’s Pu-erh tea. Funny what some people describe (universally) as “malty” I taste and smell as “mulchy.” Although the more often I drink it, the more the malty/mulchy tastes like a … More “New and different bad things happen to you at every stage.”

Want to know more about autoimmune disease?

OF COURSE YOU DO. Who doesn’t? What’s Wrong With Me? (via The New Yorker) This essay really hits all my ulcerative colitis high notes. It also hits home — while my problems can be currently be suppressed with meds, I’ve entered disease/treatment limbo. There’s no “better”, there’s only maintenance. When you have a chronic autoimmune … More Want to know more about autoimmune disease?

The house blend of cognitive dissonance

Welp, As I Mentioned: I Had A Baby. Note: Some pregnancy/birth/surgery/baby-related triggers here for some. Not a birth story, really. On the internet you can read a lot of birth stories. Today I read one that sounded almost exactly like mine, except with more bleeding and trauma! This was less comforting than I thought it would be. There … More The house blend of cognitive dissonance