Streaming Infinities

ENDLESS SCREAMING So stressed out by the news and twitter that I watched a bunch of Midsomer Murders while galloping around the room, chased by E in his gait trainer.* That show is so soothing. All the blood and stiff set-downs and weird kinky country secrets are nevertheless followed by John Nettles gritting his teeth and … More Streaming Infinities

Sooooo Many Tomatoes

YES, HERE IS ANOTHER PRODUCE PIC Fine, the above-pictured six tomatoes is not “sooooo” many, but you should see the plants! Also, six is more than I generally buy in one shopping session. So far we’ve made chili, tomato sauce, stuffed peppers, and BLTs, and frankly, I like to eat the heirlooms in big fat … More Sooooo Many Tomatoes

Small Rebellion

I turned off all of the everything on FB. I opened the site, and immediately a pic swam to the top of my feed. It doesn’t matter who and what it was — all that matters is I looked at it, and I thought, in the manner of most FB users, probably: Wow. That makes me … More Small Rebellion

Who Watches the Watchers Who Are Watching (But Not During DINNERTIME)

We are having some tough times here at the homefront, so instead I’m going to write about stuff I am watching. A and I decided that we’d stop watching TV with dinner, because we have a child and a family and now, as Kramer once said, it’s Dinner Time. We still watch stuff after E goes to … More Who Watches the Watchers Who Are Watching (But Not During DINNERTIME)

Daily Unknowables

‪GARDENING, cont. Filled 3 garden boxes today and my arms feel good. Tomorrow brings the start of three days of rain. So the remainder of black dirt is now covered with silver tarps, and so shall it remain until either the rain stops (and I come up with a good place to put it after … More Daily Unknowables

If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

  I AM NO EARS :( This last cold has done something funky to my ears. They’re crackling and popping and very sensitive to any nose-blowing attempts. And everything sounds really annoying. E’s yelling, babbling, and crying are turned up to eleven and agonizing in close quarters. A.’s footsteps sound like stomps, and his stomps like the … More If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

Seems Legit

THE GLOWY SCREEN OF DISTRACTION Last week I had the most wretched of colds. Due to the Imuran and immunosuppression I’m usually the illness bellwether for our household, but this time, I was the only one to get and stay sick. A was fine. The pup was fine. Even E gave me open-mouth kisses, snuffled … More Seems Legit