Seems Legit

THE GLOWY SCREEN OF DISTRACTION Last week I had the most wretched of colds. Due to the Imuran and immunosuppression I’m usually the illness bellwether for our household, but this time, I was the only one to get and stay sick. A was fine. The pup was fine. Even E gave me open-mouth kisses, snuffled … More Seems Legit

Cold Days, Cold Nights

WHATCHA EATING We’re getting into the bitter winter temps here, even though we’re in the southeastern part of Minnesota. We are also firmly entrenched in the We-Have-No-Money season that follows directly on the heels of winter holidays, so I’ve been looking for easy and cheap meals that also make my winter belly* feel full and satisfied. As always, … More Cold Days, Cold Nights


There are spoilers in this post for season two of Veronica Mars, and that’s all the warning I’m gonna give because I assume you all have seen it years ago, yes? At one point in the show, Veronica apologizes to her guidance counselor for possibly spoiling the secret of Citizen Kane,  and her counselor’s all, yeah, no problem, seen … More TV, TV, TV

A Winter’s Miscellany

Lauds and Libations, sorta I used to call this blog feature Lauds and Libations, to talk about what I was consuming, media-wise, and what I consuming, beverage-wise. However, after a brief period of NO LONGER BREASTFEEDING GIMME ALL THE BEERS AND THE WINES, I’ve stopped drinking. So this sporadic blog feature may continue in the non-alcoholic … More A Winter’s Miscellany

Bad TV

TV TV TV Watched an episode of a well-known long running crime procedural show last night, because this guy I know was a co/guest star. You guys, it was so so so bad. Now understand, I get it. I’m picky about my TV. A lot of what I do end up watching has some problems, because … More Bad TV

A deep breath of ultimate breathiness (breathe from the diaphragm, Marilyn)

Baby, Baby Top News Story: Last night Baby E. slept through the whole night. I can barely type that sentence without flinging over the laptop in joy. Do you know what it’s like to sleep through a whole night after a month of hour-on/hour-off nights? (To specify: Baby E wouldn’t sleep except in our arms. … More A deep breath of ultimate breathiness (breathe from the diaphragm, Marilyn)