Cake or sleep?

I am happy to say that I have solved the age-old conundrum: the answer is ALWAYS sleep. (Short-sleepers, you can kiss my ass. Then you can travel way back in time and sleep with my ancestors — that’s BONE, not actual ZZZs sleep — so I too can possess your miraculous genes. Get thee hence, jerkos) … More Cake or sleep?

2016 Baby Thoughts

I know I included Baby E in my Resolutions post, but I’ve got more to say about him. This year, I plan to: Be more assertive with his doctors and therapists and any other caregivers he might acquire. Research. Okay, I’ve been researching his various possible maladies and various possible treatments. I will keep on … More 2016 Baby Thoughts

Resolutions for 2016

Resolute Thoughts A. and Baby E. and I visited family in Minnesota for Christmas break. While we were there, I went to see my great aunt. She’s 98, she lives in an assisted living apartment complex, and while she’s frail and starting to forget some things, she’s still reasonably independent. She’s one of the last surviving … More Resolutions for 2016

Deep breaths! Deep breaths. Deeeep–screw it, just pass the cherry slices.

Huh. So I thought the previous couple of weeks were stressful. Ha. Ha HA HA. It turns out that not only did I not know what actual stress was, I was in fact experiencing the equivalent of a delightful island vacation with free top-shelf margaritas. In the event any of your loved ones have the … More Deep breaths! Deep breaths. Deeeep–screw it, just pass the cherry slices.

Parental Jokes

A few years ago, my siblings and I bought a speakerphone for my folks’ Christmas present. I think my brother was the one who came up with the idea for it–probably because of the typical story repetition that goes on when you call home and your folks aren’t both on the line. You know how … More Parental Jokes

Golly gee!

Ex-GOP Operative’s Cancer Struggles Make Him An Obamacare Supporter A bit: Murphy was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2000 but, after four rounds of chemotherapy (covered by his insurance), it had gone into remission by 2004. He wasn’t in the clear quite though. Because his sleep apnea qualifies as a “pre-existing condition,” Murphy explained to … More Golly gee!