Writing AND Tea

Yes, the tea really is that size. A and I are trying a Mister Mom-type routine. I go and write for a few hours while he takes care of E and the house. It’s funny — Mister Mom is a such a crappy designator, and yet I have such fond memories of that movie. Oh, … More Writing AND Tea

The Way We Live Now

Typical Morning Freakout So I spend an hour coaxing Baby E. back to sleep after he wakes up two hours too early. (Some baby-rearing schools of thought suggest that you let baby get up when he wants to get up. Others┬ásay that if possible, put baby back down and wake him up closer to his … More The Way We Live Now

Argh. Do you know what too fat looks like? I had a lot of problems with the above article, but all I can think of today is how, judging by glances alone, a passer-by would totally think I was overweight. Yet according to my clinic weight gain chart, I’m still “normal weight” according to the … More