Ermagerd, sner

IT IS FREAKIN’ SNOWING, YOU GUYS. One of my coworkers told me that, historically, May is when we get our biggest snows out here in western South Dakota. (I did not verify this tidbit, and I am fine with that. I do not WANT to verify it, frankly.) A. is in full-on rejoice mode: he’s … More Ermagerd, sner

I forgot to say…

…that THIS happened last week:   According to various Farmers of Questionable Repute, this means we will be getting blasted this year. I managed to contain my glee, because people are still pissed about Winter Storm Atlas. As they should be. As I would be if I weren’t still reeling from Texas summer weather syndrome.    

Pay the Piper

This is what happens when you do too much research. You go round and round the Internet until you end up where everyone eventually does: You are staring at a piper with a penguin. Source, via the article for the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition.

More snow.

It’s snowing. Again. It is snowing AGAIN. I realize my propensity is to consider this white bounty a welcome back/love letter/smoochy kiss from the North Heartland, as I have missed it heartily, but enough, weather! Think of the power outages! Think of the dead cattle and sheep! Think of the dang ol’ shutdown hindering the cleanup efforts … More More snow.