Kid Update

SLEEP Guess who started sleeping through the night consistently? It lasted for two whole weeks. Then E had a session of botox and phenol to loosen his leg muscles, and boy, were they tight, and suddenly — no more night sleeping. He gets up every two-three hours or so. I’m hoping this is a side … More Kid Update

Bad Days

Yep, Still Bad Still not prepared for the bad days when they come. E’s sleep has gotten worse, not better — we’re in week two of nights where A and I get a few hours of sleep each, an hour at a time, and E sleeps on us. It is bad, it is bad, it … More Bad Days

Cake or sleep?

I am happy to say that I have solved the age-old conundrum: the answer is ALWAYS sleep. (Short-sleepers, you can kiss my ass. Then you can travel way back in time and sleep with my ancestors — that’s BONE, not actual ZZZs sleep — so I too can possess your miraculous genes. Get thee hence, jerkos) … More Cake or sleep?