OUT WITH THE OLD So here are my old resolutions from last year: Resolutions for 2016¬†(with an aside, 2016 Baby Thoughts) How did I do? Ehhhhh. I can’t say I laughed much, although I did write a personalized Choose Your Own Adventure (so not TM) for a family member as a wedding gift. It was … More Revisitations

2016 Baby Thoughts

I know I included Baby E in my Resolutions post, but I’ve got more to say about him. This year, I plan to: Be more assertive with his doctors and therapists and any other caregivers he might acquire. Research. Okay, I’ve been researching his various possible maladies and various possible treatments. I will keep on … More 2016 Baby Thoughts

Resolutions for 2016

Resolute Thoughts A. and Baby E. and I visited¬†family in Minnesota for Christmas break. While we were there, I went to see my great aunt. She’s 98, she lives in an assisted living apartment complex, and while she’s frail and starting to forget some things, she’s still reasonably independent. She’s one of the last surviving … More Resolutions for 2016