Seems Legit

THE GLOWY SCREEN OF DISTRACTION Last week I had the most wretched of colds. Due to the Imuran and immunosuppression I’m usually the illness bellwether for our household, but this time, I was the only one to get and stay sick. A was fine. The pup was fine. Even E gave me open-mouth kisses, snuffled … More Seems Legit

Full Disclosure

WHY YES, I AM READING AGAIN Am reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Two-Part Invention. Have had to stop for the moment, as it’s hitting a little too close to home. But it is so, so good. Could Madeleine L’Engle exist today? All that deep thoughtfulness in a proliferation of tabs and social media accounts to track and assorted … More Full Disclosure

Operate This

I picked up Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, mostly as a writing kick-in-the-pants. But now I’m seeing that I should’ve read it last year, in tandem with my own first year as a mom. Of course, I hardly remember anything I read last year, because of all the craziness, so it’s all okay. Anyway–I’m less than forty pages in, … More Operate This

A Winter’s Miscellany

Lauds and Libations, sorta I used to call this blog feature Lauds and Libations, to talk about what I was consuming, media-wise, and what I consuming, beverage-wise. However, after a brief period of NO LONGER BREASTFEEDING GIMME ALL THE BEERS AND THE WINES, I’ve stopped drinking. So this sporadic blog feature may continue in the non-alcoholic … More A Winter’s Miscellany

Smiles, smiles, smiles and a few GODZILLAAAAWARRAAAAAWWWWR

O BABY Appointment with Baby E. on Thursday, which is also his grandma’s and uncle’s birthday. (NOT the same person, but don’t you wish it was, a little? This blog entry would be much more interesting.) I’ve resigned myself to getting low-to-no information at these well baby visits, because that has been the standard, even … More Smiles, smiles, smiles and a few GODZILLAAAAWARRAAAAAWWWWR

Piddling, you say?

Yesterday I got a piddling amount done. But they were all piddles of greatness, my friends. Thus, in addition to the dishes washed, the diapers laundered, the bottles prepared, and the plants uncovered so they could soak up the sunlight and the freak snowmelt, I achieved the following… Baby stuff We played. Oh, did we … More Piddling, you say?