Seriously, you mofos?

(Incidentally, when I type “mofos” my autocorrect helpfully adjusts it to “moos”. I’m not sure which is better.) Pre-Existing Condition Bans: Are They Really Gone? But the mix up raised a broader question – What about the requirement of the Affordable Care Act that prohibited pretty much all pre-existing condition exclusions as of Jan. 1, 2014? Under … More Seriously, you mofos?

Got gas? Who doesn’t? UNHEALTHY JERKS, that’s who.

 Got Gas? It Could Mean You’ve Got Healthy Gut Microbes Boy, the Internet is singing my song this week. A good article about flatulence and the amount you can generally expect to have if you’re eating your beans, veggies, or whatever other carbo/fibrous things you prefer. I am, of course, far, far above the normal … More Got gas? Who doesn’t? UNHEALTHY JERKS, that’s who.


I’ve been traveling and sick for the past few days, so my blogging energy levels are pretty well smashed. However! I still have enough energy, apparently, to get all pissed about healthcare bullshit. Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief Despite the crappy situation he’s in, I’m really happy for this guy. He’s clearly a hardworking dude … More Arrrgggghhhrrrr.

If it’s cars we’re talking, I want an MG

Thanks to this delightful video of Ralph Hudgens (as seen on Sullivan), it’s ranting-definition time at Jiggery-Pokery’s Soup of the Day! Pre-existing condition (according to insurance companies, from Investopedia):  “any medical condition that existed prior to the date the patient signed up with a health insurance provider. Under the ‘objective standard’ definition, a pre-existing condition is … More If it’s cars we’re talking, I want an MG