Quote of the Week

“And we will always protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. We’re going to take care of them. Some of the Democrats have been talking about ending pre-existing conditions.” (From MPR News’ article, “Fact check: President Trump’s Rochester rally.”) PSA for anyone who thought our president knew … well … anything. I guess this could be another … More Quote of the Week

The Most Smartest

MOVING: AN ELEGY (ALSO, POLITICS) Or should that be a eulogy? Because I am dead from moving, seriously. I don’t think my brain can take any more relocation so will be staying here on the couch (with computer on lap, tea in hand, and dog underfoot) until my brain and insides figure out their proper places … More The Most Smartest

Various Imagined Futures

PAHLETIX  I would love for this election to be over tomorrow, instead of in November — call me, I dunno, THIN-SKINNED, but I am not looking forward to just over three months of Trump garbage, of Mike Pence trying to square his “religious freedom” bullshit with some awkward newfound support for “L…G…B….T” folks. Of Hillary For … More Various Imagined Futures

Bad Days

Yep, Still Bad Still not prepared for the bad days when they come. E’s sleep has gotten worse, not better — we’re in week two of nights where A and I get a few hours of sleep each, an hour at a time, and E sleeps on us. It is bad, it is bad, it … More Bad Days

The Most Valuable Blog Entry You’ll Read All Year

M’hair My hair, which has been maundering along since I buzzed it last August, has now subsided gently into a feathered helmet. Clearly there are only two solutions, which are 1) Buzz it all off again. 2) Become amazingly rich in a short space of time and purchase personal hairdressing services, to include gorgeous colors, extensions, … More The Most Valuable Blog Entry You’ll Read All Year

Linkety Link time

We had a busy weekend! Here’s some of the stuff we got up to. – Eerie, Indiana Raise your hands if you remember this amazing nineties (late eighties?) show from Joe Dante. A. and I were browsing videos at the local library when I saw it–he’d never heard of it. We watched the first episode this … More Linkety Link time

Yeeech. Just crappy.

Merry Christmas? I guess? SoDak, I’m disappointed. Moguls Rent South Dakota Addresses to Dodge Taxes Forever How does this add to our state’s economy, our culture? These folks aren’t. They aren’t contributing here, they aren’t spending their money here, and yet we’re swaddling them and cuddling them and naming them George. Why? Are we just supposed … More Yeeech. Just crappy.