Cold Days, Cold Nights

WHATCHA EATING We’re getting into the bitter winter temps here, even though we’re in the southeastern part of Minnesota. We are also firmly entrenched in the We-Have-No-Money season that follows directly on the heels of winter holidays, so I’ve been looking for easy and cheap meals that also make my winter belly* feel full and satisfied. As always, … More Cold Days, Cold Nights

One Year Out

At 1:58 p.m., A informed me that exactly one year has passed since we freaked out on the awful receptionist* at our pediatrician’s office and took E to Colorado Children’s Hospital for infantile spasms.   What a mixed year it has been. E still hasn’t had a normal EEG. We have to wait until our … More One Year Out

Various Imagined Futures

PAHLETIX  I would love for this election to be over tomorrow, instead of in November — call me, I dunno, THIN-SKINNED, but I am not looking forward to just over three months of Trump garbage, of Mike Pence trying to square his “religious freedom” bullshit with some awkward newfound support for “L…G…B….T” folks. Of Hillary For … More Various Imagined Futures

“New and different bad things happen to you at every stage.”

Stuff That quote is from one of the writing podcasts I’m catching up on, taken completely out of context. Keeping on. Drinking some Numi Emperor’s Pu-erh tea. Funny what some people describe (universally) as “malty” I taste and smell as “mulchy.” Although the more often I drink it, the more the malty/mulchy tastes like a … More “New and different bad things happen to you at every stage.”

Spring again and backyard birding

While another snow might be in our forecast future, we’ve been enjoying lovely springy-summery days this week. The bird feeder has gone nuts with house finches (not to be confused with purple finches, apparently), goldfinches, Bullock’s orioles, bluejays, mourning doves, starlings, slate-colored juncos, and the ever-present flocks of sparrows, wrens, and creaky, crackling grackles. Someone … More Spring again and backyard birding