“This podcast contains truth, laughter and the occasional f-word. [laugh] It’s not suitable for children.”

The above is a quote from the intro to Too Peas in a Podcast, a podcast by two Australian women about parenting kids with special needs. (Specifically the Welcome to Holland episode intro, though I’m sure it’ll probably recur. Podcast discovered via a recent Ask Metafilter question about special needs parenting. I’m always eager to see … More “This podcast contains truth, laughter and the occasional f-word. [laugh] It’s not suitable for children.”

May be habit-forming

To parent well, you have to form new habits. Luckily for parents, it’s an activity that comes with the super-effective conditioning stimuli: soul-wrenching screams. I am here to tell you that these work, especially for someone like me who spent the decade after reaching age of majority indulging myself and only myself. Parenting and proper parently … More May be habit-forming

Various Imagined Futures

PAHLETIX  I would love for this election to be over tomorrow, instead of in November — call me, I dunno, THIN-SKINNED, but I am not looking forward to just over three months of Trump garbage, of Mike Pence trying to square his “religious freedom” bullshit with some awkward newfound support for “L…G…B….T” folks. Of Hillary For … More Various Imagined Futures

Operate This

I picked up Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, mostly as a writing kick-in-the-pants. But now I’m seeing that I should’ve read it last year, in tandem with my own first year as a mom. Of course, I hardly remember anything I read last year, because of all the craziness, so it’s all okay. Anyway–I’m less than forty pages in, … More Operate This

The Way We Live Now

Typical Morning Freakout So I spend an hour coaxing Baby E. back to sleep after he wakes up two hours too early. (Some baby-rearing schools of thought suggest that you let baby get up when he wants to get up. Others say that if possible, put baby back down and wake him up closer to his … More The Way We Live Now

A brief respite from the Ultimate Super Velcro Baby

Because Baby E. is in the early intervention program, he’s eligible for respite care from the state. If you don’t know what that is, here’s an example from South Dakota: “Respite care is temporary relief care designed for families of children or adults with special needs. Respite care can range from a few hours of … More A brief respite from the Ultimate Super Velcro Baby

On Guilt

I think that since having the baby my predominant emotion, once they untangled themselves and became distinct, operable things again, was and is guilt. It’s not even the comforting guilt religions hand out, like, oh, I am human and therefore I am unworthy. Nope, it’s a lot more foolishly personal. i look at his problems, … More On Guilt