Ugh, Canon, no.

Yesterday I came across this Matt Wallace post about a Canon ad for (presumably?) their self publishing program: Reality Check: Canon’s See Impossible “Author” Ad Here’s the ad in question, if you don’t feel like clicking through: Boy howdy, is it fantasy land. I think my favorite part is when the “author” has actual sit-down … More Ugh, Canon, no.

Essential Items

Old bunny toy in backpack, Fall 2014. Of course I’m bringing this old toy from childhood when we move. Why wouldn’t I? What’s the matter? It’s just a stuffed bunny with flat red eyes and a  broken music box inside that occasionally spews out garbled, grinding musical notes. I think you’re overreacting.

Fun Friday Nights at Our New Place! Aka ramblings degenerating into ramblings.

Last night A and I did more cleaning of the house.  I hit the basement first, because we wanted to do some laundry and the machines were in the same state they’d been when we moved in: functional, sure, but cobweb and dust-covered, with ominous loops of unnecessary extension cords draped over water pipe connections, … More Fun Friday Nights at Our New Place! Aka ramblings degenerating into ramblings.

Anatomical Miracles

So I was looking at these images from Childbirth Connection, and I just have to say, good gods, won’t anyone think of the intestines? Here’s the 20 weeks pic: In other words, ho-hum, everything’s looking good. But! Flash forward to 28 weeks, and what do we see? A weird mashing of intestines, that’s what! And … More Anatomical Miracles

Seriously, you mofos?

(Incidentally, when I type “mofos” my autocorrect helpfully adjusts it to “moos”. I’m not sure which is better.) Pre-Existing Condition Bans: Are They Really Gone? But the mix up raised a broader question – What about the requirement of the Affordable Care Act that prohibited pretty much all pre-existing condition exclusions as of Jan. 1, 2014? Under … More Seriously, you mofos?