Shovels and Rope

Heard this duo on Live From Here (formerly A Prairie Home Companion, if you’re an old like me) a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed them. I am tempted to write a whole post about how tough it is to find new music, except I learned about this group by turning on the radio. … More Shovels and Rope

A Good Brain Day

(Republished after scheduling screw-up.) Impetus I am having such a good brain day today. I wish my brain would function like this all the time. I’m all getting shit done, all productive, all organized, all making meals that include all five food groups, all making actual food for Baby E instead of using baby food … More A Good Brain Day

A Demographic Surprise!

Billy Bragg and Wilco’s Woody Guthrie album from 1998,¬†Mermaid Avenue,¬†is currently the music that calms the Baby’s savage breast.* Probably not the audience they were intending, but they’ve certainly got my eternal thanks, along with my sanity, hearing, and nursing abilities. For your in-stream edification, ye who do not wish to click away: *Speaking of … More A Demographic Surprise!