The Most Smartest

MOVING: AN ELEGY (ALSO, POLITICS) Or should that be a eulogy? Because I am dead from moving, seriously. I don’t think my brain can take any more relocation so will be staying here on the couch (with computer on lap, tea in hand, and dog underfoot) until my brain and insides figure out their proper places … More The Most Smartest

No Longer in Motion

We are moved! We are out of the moving-motion and resting somewhat stationary (stationarily? Hrm) in our new tiny apartment. The place reminds me why architecture is important, why we need architects — or at least, thoughtful ones who consider humans to be human when designing living quarters. The apartment is connected to a cement … More No Longer in Motion

Update on the Me

What did I do this month, as a living breathing being separate from my baby? If I put it all in bullet points, it will make me feel like I’ve accomplished things. I worked a lot, or as much as one can work when working part-time. I supported my husband during a job interview. I found … More Update on the Me

A Good Brain Day

(Republished after scheduling screw-up.) Impetus I am having such a good brain day today. I wish my brain would function like this all the time. I’m all getting shit done, all productive, all organized, all making meals that include all five food groups, all making actual food for Baby E instead of using baby food … More A Good Brain Day

GO EAT A BUTT was exactly the feedback I sought, thanks

So, Writing I’ve been reccing a lot of Chuck Wendig lately, I know, but he’s very kick-in-the-pants inspiring, especially when you are engulfed in boxes, packing newspaper, random bottles of caulk (yes what I know), and tears. So if you too are moving and need a writing-focused break, hie yourself to the nearest clean box-free … More GO EAT A BUTT was exactly the feedback I sought, thanks