If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

  I AM NO EARS :( This last cold has done something funky to my ears. They’re crackling and popping and very sensitive to any nose-blowing attempts. And everything sounds really annoying. E’s yelling, babbling, and crying are turned up to eleven and agonizing in close quarters. A.’s footsteps sound like stomps, and his stomps like the … More If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

Cold Days, Cold Nights

WHATCHA EATING We’re getting into the bitter winter temps here, even though we’re in the southeastern part of Minnesota. We are also firmly entrenched in the We-Have-No-Money season that follows directly on the heels of winter holidays, so I’ve been looking for easy and cheap meals that also make my winter belly* feel full and satisfied. As always, … More Cold Days, Cold Nights


OUT WITH THE OLD So here are my old resolutions from last year: Resolutions for 2016 (with an aside, 2016 Baby Thoughts) How did I do? Ehhhhh. I can’t say I laughed much, although I did write a personalized Choose Your Own Adventure (so not TM) for a family member as a wedding gift. It was … More Revisitations


The above is a screencap of an image NPR used to headline an article about gratitude.* Naturally I read the article and then got stuck on the picture and, in particular, the caption. “Female hands giving a surprise present to a loved one.” I don’t know how NPR does their captions. I kind of doubt they … More Handsy


i had prepared or at least started a lengthy ramble about It’s A Wonderfully Life*, but instead of posting that, I’m going to link to two lovely things I read today. Seeger’s Ode to Joy at Daughter Number Three And It’s Christmas Eve and You Know What That Means––It’s Time For My Favourite Christmas Story At Pat … More Christmastime

Cookie Failures

FUCK YOU, DIVINITY I tried this year, damn it. I did not look out at the snow or rain or 60-plus percent humidity and say, And now I shall make divinity, because I am a fool. No, this fool planned. We had a dry day with no snow and no expectation of such. I had fresh … More Cookie Failures