I work in a library, doing special collections/archival stuff. Sometimes I think my work can best be summed up in one of two ways, or a combination of the two: This shall be preserved. We shall stick it in a box or folder or other special preservation-friendly container and we shall preserve it. Preserve, preserve, … More Archivin’

Hire this man!

I love the blog Hiring Librarians. In their survey segments with Real Life Librarian Applicants, you can always tell who has been on a long job searching slog–the bitterness (protected by survey anonymity, thank goodness) hisses up out of the text like acid steam. While that feature and others on the blog offer great tips for interviewing and … More Hire this man!

The same old canard, ten years later

Hiring Librarians posted this last week, and I missed it then: Library Jobs Math If you’re at all interested in the job market, the future of library jobs, or bullshit “projections” that get thrown around like facts, you should definitely click on through and read. But basically, they deconstruct an annoying article from the Wall Street Journal … More The same old canard, ten years later