No spinach for you?

After over a decade of living with ulcerative colitis and eating to placate it, I have come to the final conclusion that spinach and I can never ever be friends again. Yes, it may be a “legal” food according to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Yes, it is fantastically good for you. In particular I’ve bought and cooked … More No spinach for you?

Guts, guts, guts

Why yes, I am feeling a bit like Ramona Quimby today. Having some gut aches. Normally I just blame that crap on the UC, and take it easy as much as possible, try to calm things down. But with the addition of babby to the belly mix, I am now filled with all sorts of … More Guts, guts, guts

Anatomical Miracles

So I was looking at these images from Childbirth Connection, and I just have to say, good gods, won’t anyone think of the intestines? Here’s the 20 weeks pic: In other words, ho-hum, everything’s looking good. But! Flash forward to 28 weeks, and what do we see? A weird mashing of intestines, that’s what! And … More Anatomical Miracles

This is the best we can hope for.

Bacterium Can Reverse Autism-Like Behaviour in Mice Several studies have found that humans with autism are also more likely to have gastrointestinal disorders, suggesting that the two problems may be linked…[the researchers] found that mice with symptoms of autism had lower levels of a bacterium called Bacteroides fragilis that is normally present in the mouse … More This is the best we can hope for.