Sooooo Many Tomatoes

YES, HERE IS ANOTHER PRODUCE PIC Fine, the above-pictured six tomatoes is not “sooooo” many, but you should see the plants! Also, six is more than I generally buy in one shopping session. So far we’ve made chili, tomato sauce, stuffed peppers, and BLTs, and frankly, I like to eat the heirlooms in big fat … More Sooooo Many Tomatoes

Deep breaths! Deep breaths. Deeeep–screw it, just pass the cherry slices.

Huh. So I thought the previous couple of weeks were stressful. Ha. Ha HA HA. It turns out that not only did I not know what actual stress was, I was in fact experiencing the equivalent of a delightful island vacation with free top-shelf margaritas. In the event any of your loved ones have the … More Deep breaths! Deep breaths. Deeeep–screw it, just pass the cherry slices.

Baaaad Internet Ads

Each day as we browse our merry way around the Internet, we’re bombarded with terrible ads. They run the gamut from awkward to off-putting to just plain unsightly. It’s as if once upon a time, the Chief of the Super Secret Cabal of Internet Advertisers said, No World Wide Web user will look at our … More Baaaad Internet Ads

Something Bubbling Inside of Him

With a pair of sentences, one of my favorite horror movies becomes EVEN BETTER. Mr. O’Bannon, who died in 2009, was afflicted with Crohn’s disease and suffered its symptoms for decades: “The digestion process felt like something bubbling inside of him struggling to get out.” That’s how the most famous element of Alien—the creature hatching out … More Something Bubbling Inside of Him