Storify Stuff

After spending most of the day listening to MPR coverage of the Comey testimony, and watching Twitter explode about the UK elections, I watched Senator Claire McCaskill get frustrated about healthcare: “Will there be a hearing on the health care proposal?” Senator @clairecmc asked today in the Finance Cmte. You should watch: #Trumpcare — … More Storify Stuff

Chilldrens, amirte?

No, your resident grammar freako did NOT make a spelling error in the title of this post! I’ve simply created a new portmanteau out of “chilling” and “Children’s Hospital.” You’re welcome! Stop cringing! We’re currently prepping for E’s first EEG of 2017, and then a followup neurology appointment, also his first of the year. He … More Chilldrens, amirte?

One Year Out

At 1:58 p.m., A informed me that exactly one year has passed since we freaked out on the awful receptionist* at our pediatrician’s office and took E to Colorado Children’s Hospital for infantile spasms.   What a mixed year it has been. E still hasn’t had a normal EEG. We have to wait until our … More One Year Out

Update on the Babs

Herein follows an update on the state of the Baby E. this month. We had a righteous torrent of doctor appointments, an EEG, and new medications. EEG #4: Baby E. was truly sleep-deprived for this one. He wailed all throughout the prepping, seriously unnerving the tech who was working feverishly to attach the electrodes. (Oh, that poor tech, who had … More Update on the Babs

Boy howdy, is parenthood no longer anything like my FB feed

SO, BABY Baby E. has infantile spasms/West Syndrome. This is one of those diagnoses where, after hearing it, every nurse or doctor who enters your hospital room will say, “I’m so sorry.” It’s like we’re being repeatedly Tenth-Doctored (instead of rickrolled. Weird). All my info is what i rememeber from doctors at Children’s Hospital in … More Boy howdy, is parenthood no longer anything like my FB feed