Having said that (by Grabthar’s Hammer, what a summer, part 2).

My folks came to stay with us for two weeks, and it was pretty good. We only had one extended argument over bowls, preferences, gifts, and adulthood. It also helped immensely that they were present for our anesthesia vomitfest fiasco with E. I’m not sure whether I’m freaked that I got so immediately comfortable with … More Having said that (by Grabthar’s Hammer, what a summer, part 2).

May be habit-forming

To parent well, you have to form new habits. Luckily for parents, it’s an activity that comes with the super-effective conditioning stimuli: soul-wrenching screams. I am here to tell you that these work, especially for someone like me who spent the decade after reaching age of majority indulging myself and only myself. Parenting and proper parently … More May be habit-forming

No spinach for you?

After over a decade of living with ulcerative colitis and eating to placate it, I have come to the final conclusion that spinach and I can never ever be friends again. Yes, it may be a “legal” food according to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Yes, it is fantastically good for you. In particular I’ve bought and cooked … More No spinach for you?

Passing a cheese-and-potato smothered dish across the aisle.

Can’t believe I missed this: Walz wins delegation hotdish cook-off I miss you, Minnesota, and all your comforting, love handle-padding, arterial-clogging delights. Might have to make some of the recipes off their list before it gets too hot out down here to turn on the oven. Third Annual Minnesota Delegation Hotdish Competition (recipes included) I’m somewhat … More Passing a cheese-and-potato smothered dish across the aisle.

Sweet Baby Cheesus

Click on over to Jay Lake’s blog to see glorious, glorious cheese. It was so infectious that after reading I had to go cut up an apple and some seriously inferior extra-sharp cheddar. [cheese|photos] The Paradise Lost cheese spread Am currently enjoying a little evening MyTX, the Waco TV channel I used to think of … More Sweet Baby Cheesus