Having said that (by Grabthar’s Hammer, what a summer, part 2).

My folks came to stay with us for two weeks, and it was pretty good. We only had one extended argument over bowls, preferences, gifts, and adulthood. It also helped immensely that they were present for our anesthesia vomitfest fiasco with E. I’m not sure whether I’m freaked that I got so immediately comfortable with … More Having said that (by Grabthar’s Hammer, what a summer, part 2).

Birthday stuff

I made A. the best-ever high-altitude chocolate cake from Hershey/The Runcible Spoon  for his birthday recently, and frosted the absolute shit out of it, because that is what you are supposed to do with birthday cakes whether your recipient loves frosting or not. (Big reveal: A. likes frosting just fine, as long as it is homemade. … More Birthday stuff

Gardening fail

If I had a gardening blog I would have to capitalize on prior successes (not mine) and call it Trellis Wrecks. I will not be posting a picture, it is too embarrassing. Peas are still growing, though! Hurray! And the sunflowers are growing almost frantically. They probably sense the deer danger and are gathering their rosebuds. … More Gardening fail