May be habit-forming

To parent well, you have to form new habits. Luckily for parents, it’s an activity that comes with the super-effective conditioning stimuli: soul-wrenching screams. I am here to tell you that these work, especially for someone like me who spent the decade after reaching age of majority indulging myself and only myself. Parenting and proper parently … More May be habit-forming

Kid Update

SLEEP Guess who started sleeping through the night consistently? It lasted for two whole weeks. Then E had a session of botox and phenol to loosen his leg muscles, and boy, were they tight, and suddenly — no more night sleeping. He gets up every two-three hours or so. I’m hoping this is a side … More Kid Update

More Medical News

I’M GONNA MAKE YOU MY REGULAR SATURDAY NIGHT MEDICAL THING, BABY Apparently I am only going to post medical things from now on. But this is in line with our mission statement because I THINK the original point of this blog was to whine about ulcerative colitis and library science, or something. E had his MRI. I … More More Medical News

Chilldrens, amirte?

No, your resident grammar freako did NOT make a spelling error in the title of this post! I’ve simply created a new portmanteau out of “chilling” and “Children’s Hospital.” You’re welcome! Stop cringing! We’re currently prepping for E’s first EEG of 2017, and then a followup neurology appointment, also his first of the year. He … More Chilldrens, amirte?