Fall, fall, fall!

IT’S MAD IT’S GAY THE LOVELY MONTH OF OCTOOOOOOOOBERYAY! It’s here! Autumn! Best of all the seasons! I spent my weekend free time building a final garden box out of the leftover access ramp wood, cleaning the garage, sweeping leaves into the new raspberry bed, and baking things to warm up the house: chickpea flour … More Fall, fall, fall!

Fake Memes

Do you keep a book in your house for Reasons [other than reading/pleasure]? If so, what is it? [My answer: Victoria Holt’s The Secret Woman. Not the greatest book, but a good example of a gothic romance. Which is not what I like to write, and not why I keep it around. It’s my paperback-sized writing … More Fake Memes

Pic of my week 3

Unnecessary Explainerorama: these posts are pics of things I saw and thought about this week. Bookstore grey/brown tabby cat sits in an old New Glarus beer box (presumably full of books), among other similar boxes.

Spacers, fire your rockets!

I already posted this on my author site, but I’ll put it here, too: my novel Memory’s Exile is available to purchase in ebook! Today! You can get it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iBooks. Print will be coming soon. Longer post, coming soon as well.

Streaming Infinities

ENDLESS SCREAMING So stressed out by the news and twitter that I watched a bunch of Midsomer Murders while galloping around the room, chased by E in his gait trainer.* That show is so soothing. All the blood and stiff set-downs and weird kinky country secrets are nevertheless followed by John Nettles gritting his teeth and … More Streaming Infinities