Streaming Infinities

ENDLESS SCREAMING So stressed out by the news and twitter that I watched a bunch of Midsomer Murders while galloping around the room, chased by E in his gait trainer.* That show is so soothing. All the blood and stiff set-downs and weird kinky country secrets are nevertheless followed by John Nettles gritting his teeth and … More Streaming Infinities

Spring again and backyard birding

While another snow might be in our forecast future, we’ve been enjoying lovely springy-summery days this week. The bird feeder has gone nuts with house finches (not to be confused with purple finches, apparently), goldfinches, Bullock’s orioles, bluejays, mourning doves, starlings, slate-colored juncos, and the ever-present flocks of sparrows, wrens, and creaky, crackling grackles. Someone … More Spring again and backyard birding

Birds! And other outdoorsy stuff. (Also baby.)

Spent part of yesterday afternoon installing* a fence around our new Hazen apple tree, as we’ve had a sudden influx of deer droppings around it. Not to mention a slight disappearance of leaves and shoots on the lower branches.  Thanks to all the clanging and banging, the baby is probably now predisposed to enjoy black symphonic metal. The day’s … More Birds! And other outdoorsy stuff. (Also baby.)