Daily Unknowables

‪GARDENING, cont. Filled 3 garden boxes today and my arms feel good. Tomorrow brings the start of three days of rain. So the remainder of black dirt is now covered with silver tarps, and so shall it remain until either the rain stops (and I come up with a good place to put it after … More Daily Unknowables

Cookie Failures

FUCK YOU, DIVINITY I tried this year, damn it. I did not look out at the snow or rain or 60-plus percent humidity and say, And now I shall make divinity, because I am a fool. No, this fool planned. We had a dry day with no snow and no expectation of such. I had fresh … More Cookie Failures

Flap your Yapper

My friend Carin gave me a lovely Christmas present a while back: a set of rosette irons and a Scandinavian cookbook. I haven’t had much chance to do cookies or breads, much less a smorgasbord, but lately I’ve had a hankering for pancakes. What do you know? On page 5 of Julia Peterson Tufford’s Original … More Flap your Yapper

Birthday stuff

I made A. the best-ever high-altitude chocolate cake from Hershey/The Runcible Spoon  for his birthday recently, and frosted the absolute shit out of it, because that is what you are supposed to do with birthday cakes whether your recipient loves frosting or not. (Big reveal: A. likes frosting just fine, as long as it is homemade. … More Birthday stuff

Judgey search engines

While searching for potential cake recipes for my mom’s birthday, I came across the word “scant” in reference to an amount, like this: 1 scant cup flour. This is one of those words where like many people (I think) my mind just puts in the most common definition and works with the context. I thought okay, barely a … More Judgey search engines