More Like BADMUTHAS Day, Am I Right?

So, this is a relatively melodramatic video ad from the SickKids Foundation, which is (if I’m reading their website info/FAQ correctly) a Canadian children’s hospital, research, and fundraising foundation. They have a bunch of other videos, and what looks to be a pretty robust ad campaign going. This particular video is in honor of mothers of … More More Like BADMUTHAS Day, Am I Right?

One Year Out

At 1:58 p.m., A informed me that exactly one year has passed since we freaked out on the awful receptionist* at our pediatrician’s office and took E to Colorado Children’s Hospital for infantile spasms.   What a mixed year it has been. E still hasn’t had a normal EEG. We have to wait until our … More One Year Out

Various Imagined Futures

PAHLETIX  I would love for this election to be over tomorrow, instead of in November — call me, I dunno, THIN-SKINNED, but I am not looking forward to just over three months of Trump garbage, of Mike Pence trying to square his “religious freedom” bullshit with some awkward newfound support for “L…G…B….T” folks. Of Hillary For … More Various Imagined Futures

Full Disclosure

WHY YES, I AM READING AGAIN Am reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Two-Part Invention. Have had to stop for the moment, as it’s hitting a little too close to home. But it is so, so good. Could Madeleine L’Engle exist today? All that deep thoughtfulness in a proliferation of tabs and social media accounts to track and assorted … More Full Disclosure

Bad Days

Yep, Still Bad Still not prepared for the bad days when they come. E’s sleep has gotten worse, not better — we’re in week two of nights where A and I get a few hours of sleep each, an hour at a time, and E sleeps on us. It is bad, it is bad, it … More Bad Days