Weekly Update of I’m Old and Loving Every Minute of It

[I would love to stick a catchy tune here. But I’d rather play Baby’s in Black on ukulele for E than compose anything, so. *insert catchy update alerting music*] WRITING omg. I’m working on a first draft of something. It’s painful but fun. Also still working on my mammogram essay, which is hi-larious since I … More Weekly Update of I’m Old and Loving Every Minute of It


Apparently* John Oliver already gave this show what-for on Last Week Tonight, but I caught it for the first time this weekend, while snuggling E to napland. It’s called The Inspectors, and it’s about “the criminal investigations of postal inspectors,”** specifically one postal inspector, her team/friends, her son, and his friends. Here, taste the magnificent levels … More MAILED it.

EIM Article link

Regarding my previous post about extraintestinal manifestations (see E.I.(W): the extraintestinal (weirdness)) — I forgot to link the article that sent me down the rabbit hole: Extraintestinal Manifestations of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Originally linked on HealingWell’s UC forum. A little light Sunday afternoon reading! You’re welcome, xo xo et al. UNRELATEDLY I’ve borrowed season 1 … More EIM Article link