Storify Stuff

After spending most of the day listening to MPR coverage of the Comey testimony, and watching Twitter explode about the UK elections, I watched Senator Claire McCaskill get frustrated about healthcare: “Will there be a hearing on the health care proposal?” Senator @clairecmc asked today in the Finance Cmte. You should watch: #Trumpcare — … More Storify Stuff

Small Rebellion

I turned off all of the everything on FB. I opened the site, and immediately a pic swam to the top of my feed. It doesn’t matter who and what it was — all that matters is I looked at it, and I thought, in the manner of most FB users, probably: Wow. That makes me … More Small Rebellion

Writing AND Tea

Yes, the tea really is that size. A and I are trying a Mister Mom-type routine. I go and write for a few hours while he takes care of E and the house. It’s funny — Mister Mom is a such a crappy designator, and yet I have such fond memories of that movie. Oh, … More Writing AND Tea

Who Watches the Watchers Who Are Watching (But Not During DINNERTIME)

We are having some tough times here at the homefront, so instead I’m going to write about stuff I am watching. A and I decided that we’d stop watching TV with dinner, because we have a child and a family and now, as Kramer once said, it’s Dinner Time. We still watch stuff after E goes to … More Who Watches the Watchers Who Are Watching (But Not During DINNERTIME)

More Like BADMUTHAS Day, Am I Right?

So, this is a relatively melodramatic video ad from the SickKids Foundation, which is (if I’m reading their website info/FAQ correctly) a Canadian children’s hospital, research, and fundraising foundation. They have a bunch of other videos, and what looks to be a pretty robust ad campaign going. This particular video is in honor of mothers of … More More Like BADMUTHAS Day, Am I Right?