More Like BADMUTHAS Day, Am I Right?

So, this is a relatively melodramatic video ad from the SickKids Foundation, which is (if I’m reading their website info/FAQ correctly) a Canadian children’s hospital, research, and fundraising foundation. They have a bunch of other videos, and what looks to be a pretty robust ad campaign going. This particular video is in honor of mothers of … More More Like BADMUTHAS Day, Am I Right?

Daily Unknowables

‪GARDENING, cont. Filled 3 garden boxes today and my arms feel good. Tomorrow brings the start of three days of rain. So the remainder of black dirt is now covered with silver tarps, and so shall it remain until either the rain stops (and I come up with a good place to put it after … More Daily Unknowables

If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

  I AM NO EARS :( This last cold has done something funky to my ears. They’re crackling and popping and very sensitive to any nose-blowing attempts. And everything sounds really annoying. E’s yelling, babbling, and crying are turned up to eleven and agonizing in close quarters. A.’s footsteps sound like stomps, and his stomps like the … More If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

More Book News

The work on the book release continues to move along. But this week I’m happy to announce that my book has a real, live cover! I think it looks great and I look forward to sharing it with you all.  That’ll be here on the blog, once I get the okay from the editor. So watch this space! I’ll … More More Book News

Stuff and Nonsense

I opened up a document last night and started typing — and then I thought, oh, but first, you wanted to do that bit of smitchsmatch research. So I went online. What a fool I was (Alain). So our president is ordering missile strikes in another country, after denying entry to our country from that country’s … More Stuff and Nonsense