Sooooo Many Tomatoes



Fine, the above-pictured six tomatoes is not “sooooo” many, but you should see the plants! Also, six is more than I generally buy in one shopping session. So far we’ve made chili, tomato sauce, stuffed peppers, and BLTs, and frankly, I like to eat the heirlooms in big fat salted slices. For those of you who don’t care: the bulbous, split, magenta-and-green ones in the back row are the heirlooms; Brandywines. They are a beefsteak tomato — thick, juicy, meaty. There has got to be a better way to describe that. Heavy? Luscious? Veiny? Okay, skip that last one. Anyway, they are great.


I was in the mood for some 90s-00s nostalgia, so I watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It is curiously compelling, and also delightful, and also sort of awful — at least, to crabby old 2017 me. But it definitely hit that Judging Amy itch I had. Maybe I should go further back and watch some Murder, She Wrote with the ghost of my grandma, and my very-much-alive cranky uncle, who supposedly hated the show but planted himself firmly in the recliner while we watched it.  Maybe I should stop watching TV.

I read some old Stephen King stories before bed, because I’m crabby and old now. Unfortunately crabby old 2017 me can still have her pants scared off by old reliable Steve. Seriously, though, “The Boogeyman”, WTF? I get why “Jerusalem’s Lot” did it for me — I didn’t get more than three pages in before I started biting my nails. “The Boogeyman” was more like an EC comic. (Hell, he even references EC in the story, I think. Agggh.) Either way, it was not fun to get up with E at midnight, and comfort him back to sleep while staring at the (open) closet door.

I fully expect to be scared and loving it until the day I die. Let’s hope that day is not today — or rather, tonight, and not at the clawed hands of the Boogeyman.


2 thoughts on “Sooooo Many Tomatoes

  1. Re Stephen King – just finished rereading the Dark Tower series. Had forgotten how rich and complex a world it is! Now want to re-read Salem’s Lot, for Father Callahan’s backstory.

    Re the tomatoes – nomnomnomnomnom. I’m so jealous. I adore fresh heirloom tomatoes, I can eat them like nectarines or peaches.

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    1. I still haven’t read the DT! On the endless list it sits…

      The tomatoes are still going and they are STILL amazing! Wish you were here — there are too many to eat fresh and it feels like a travesty to freeze them. But we are pretty depraved around here, so.


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