Gardening semi-success, part 1.5

The garden is going wild! Warning for gratuitous pictures of veg, and chicken wire to discourage the bizarrely nonchalant (and evil) local rabbits. I’m so proud of these wee babies!

A garden box. Pictured left to right: marigolds and asparagus, bush beans, kale. In front are borage and calendula plants.

Two garden boxes. In foreground: tomatoes, zucchini, marigolds. In background, bell peppers, marigolds, oregano.

These pics are a bit old. Asparagus and beans are a lot larger and more spread out now. The squash is massive. Tomatoes are attempting to run rampant over the chicken wire. No pictures of cucumbers, but they’re successfully running rampant over the nasturtiums I planted alongside their box. The watermelon have sprouted and look healthy. My bell peppers are still pretty sad, so we harvested one and ate it. It tasted young, but good. Did I mention already that the tomatoes are getting huge, as huge as Billy Fuccillo:

I keep waiting for the shoe to drop. Blight? Rampaging bunnies? A sudden unheard-of herd of deer?* BIRDS??? I am holding my breath, garden.


*Oh just leave me alone.


4 thoughts on “Gardening semi-success, part 1.5

    1. It’s hard to be patient around so much potential deliciousness! Don’t get too jealous about the asparagus — I planted it from seeds. SEEDS. It’s going to take 2 years till we can harvest it! So for right now, it’s just … pretty.


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