Gardening fail, part two

As a new and mostly hands-off (ha. Ha. HA riiiiight) gardener, I have some trouble telling flower seedlings from weeds, so I’m always nervous about what I should pull and what I should leave alone. But even I could tell something was not right here:

A garden plot showing two types of sedum surrounded by a vast amount of weeds.

There was initially a flowers-only garden plot in front of one of our garden boxes. It is now mostly a clusterfrench door of weeds. Okay, it’s not that terrible — the sedum is still alive. If you know sedum, this is not really an accomplishment on my part. Sedum is amazingly indestructible. (Even our neighborhood bunnies have trouble subduing it.) As for the areas currently occupied by happy, healthy weeds, please trust me that at one point, there were lovely seeds (bunny grass, alyssum) and sprouts (snapdragons) there.

Now! They are all hoed up so I could replace my, er, the failures with this:


I have replaced the weeds with watermelon seeds and some divisions from one of our backyard hostas. However, despite watermelon optimism, I suspect that eventually this plot will be all hostas, all sedum, all coral bells that I can find.

Onward and downward!


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