Small Rebellion

I turned off all of the everything on FB. I opened the site, and immediately a pic swam to the top of my feed. It doesn’t matter who and what it was — all that matters is I looked at it, and I thought, in the manner of most FB users, probably:

Wow. That makes me [jealous][sad][frustrated][angry][hurt], and I can’t believe how much I hate my life right now.

I look at this website multiple times a week, and it doesn’t make me happy. It makes me feel a whole bunch of different feelings, but happy is definitely not among them. But right now, I need the site. I have friends and family that I contact only through this particular site. Local businesses and children’s groups with no other websites post their hours and their contact info here. I can’t quite make myself leave it, because it’s easy.

So I unfollowed everything but the local groups and businesses. I’m still on there, and I’m still available to chat, and obviously I still love you all, friends and family. But I can’t look at things there anymore, because I need a break. This is me, trying not to flounce, and recognizing that if I don’t post this, it’s likely no one will notice I’m not there. I’ve become a lurker there, except for the occasional Happy Birthday, Friend! posts. I will probably come back eventually, because FB is trying to make itself into furniture, and everyone is fine with that.

In Completely Unrelated News: Midsomer Murders is one of the most hilarious shows I have ever watched, and I am going to keep watching it.


2 thoughts on “Small Rebellion

  1. There is copious evidence that Facebook makes most people sad/ angry/frustrated/jealous/unhappy. Good for you for taking steps to minimize its effect on you ! ::hugs:: Come back to LJ, it’s a much more normal place :)

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