Who Watches the Watchers Who Are Watching (But Not During DINNERTIME)

We are having some tough times here at the homefront, so instead I’m going to write about stuff I am watching. A and I decided that we’d stop watching TV with dinner, because we have a child and a family and now, as Kramer once said, it’s Dinner Time. We still watch stuff after E goes to bed. Occasionally. Actually, now we’re watching a lot less TV. This is probably better for our brains, but it has also shown me that A and I bond a lot over TV shows and movies, be they gape- or mock-worthy.


That would be the old one, for Olds. Please do not tell me about the new one. I’m only on season two here and while I’m not as susceptible to the pain of being spoiled [c.f. old, also crabby], I still would rather not read anything about the new TP yet.

Anyhoo, A and I are still enjoying the weird soapy fruits of Mr Lynch and Mr Frost. But I’ve got some quibbles. Twin Peaks has 50,000 people, right? And yet they don’t have a courthouse? They have to meet with their circuit judge (who is the folksiest darling thing ever, I know) in the Bang Bang bar? I currently live in a town of around 25,000 people, I think? And guess what — we have a courthouse. Hey, I grew up in a town of about 2,000. We had a courthouse, too! With an eagle statue outside it! And a judge! (Inside, generally). Damn it, guys. My hometown was not a cultural oasis in the midwestern woods.

Also where is the goddamn library? Maybe it’s coming. Or maybe I missed it when I was giving E bites of chicken tetrazzini.

But yes, these are quibbles and I accept the spooky wilds-of-the-Pacific-Northwest vibe even as I say, come onnnnnn, David. We last watched “The Orchid’s Curse,” and it served as an excellent kick reminder of that Lynchian creep-power. I can’t stop seeing Jean lick Blackie’s blood out of his mouth. Gah. Also, the episode as a whole had a lot of straight action/getting-things-done compared to a usual soap opera storyline, where stuff only happens at the beginning and end of the episode. All in all, Bang Bang courtroom notwithstanding, I really liked this one.

Is it bad that I wish Hank would just die? Ugh, Hank, I hate you.


A never got to see The Force Awakens in theaters, so we borrowed it from the library last week. I found it a little less charming and more superficial than on my first viewing. I do stand by my initial opinion that while it is a rehash of A New Hope with new characters and is generally enjoyable, it stands best for me as the story of Boomers Who Are Scared Millennials Will Murder Them.* Also the character of Dameron Poe, er — Poe Cameron, um. I mean. Did I mention I watched another movie last week?


Holy cow, what a terrible movie. I don’t even think I can talk about it properly. I had to remind myself it was pre-9/11, because it was so difficult for me to take seriously someone treating a dude in a military dress uniform like garbage, in public, without getting tromped on. And the editing — the sheer number of cuts — gave me motion sickness. Anyway. Nicholas Cage. Is. CAMERON POE. This is sufficient, probably:

Or the trailer is pretty good, too:

I hope that you too are now sick to your stomach. Feel free to go back to your regular scheduled whatever.



* AKA the real reason behind the popularity of shitty concepts like death panels/the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, and the rise in helicopter parenting and parents convincing their kids not to vote. Of course this is a super-serious theory! Except for that last part — it’s all hearsay that I heard somewhere.






2 thoughts on “Who Watches the Watchers Who Are Watching (But Not During DINNERTIME)

  1. Holy cow, what a terrible movie.

    Lol so true!

    I want to do Twin Peaks, but feel like I should do the original first. Must be my archivist genes.

    Are you watching handmaids tale? Really well done and therefore of course super creepy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not watching HM yet, but it’s on my list! Not sure I can still handle it what with all the crap daily news — it feels like a premonition rather than fiction.

      I’m really enjoying the original TP, despite my complaints about small town verisimilitude. I say go for it!


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