More Things I Am Watching

I know you are all fascinated to know! Lately it’s been documentary time in the house. Not sure if our hormones are affecting our decisions, or vice versa, but we chose as many sad* things as we could.

  • American Experience: Ruby Ridge (2017). Want to know more about this colossal screwup/horrorshow that is now an FBI lesson in how not to do stuff? Of course you do!
  • Oklahoma City (2017). An excellent continuation on the themes in Ruby Ridge.
  • Tower (2017). I thought I knew all about this event, but I watched it anyway. It was great.

*Our sad is probably not your sad. Or maybe it is. But we are not crying at the infamous oscillating fan show. Not yet.

I’ve also been watching things grow outside. I managed to snag another damn cold last week and spent the weekend sneezing and feverish. But my folks came to visit and we ran around the yard anyway, as they had brought many wonderful things with them: raspberry plants, lilies, irises, phlox, a chainsaw, a tiller. I am now set to have either a lovely start to my garden, or to stage a slasher flick in my front yard. OR BOTH. Best parts of the weekend were driving out with Dad to dump our brush at a local farm (where we made the acquaintance of a record number of goats babies and goat grandaddies), tearing down the flagpole to put in an apple tree (do we hate America? Also I forgot to mention the jackhammer, didn’t I?) and walking around the landscape plots with my mom and listening to her point out each plant.


2 thoughts on “More Things I Am Watching

  1. Awww. Parental gardening assistance sounds lovely :) As to “Want to know more about this colossal screwup/horrorshow that is now an FBI lesson in how not to do stuff? Of course you do!” you are talking about James Comey, right lol?!

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    1. It could be part of their training program as an agency. “We have a new and delicate situation here, so best eff it up so’s the new recruits have a learning experience!” But really — I think you can see the blowback from Ruby Ridge in how the BLM and feds responded to Cliven Bundy.


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