More Like BADMUTHAS Day, Am I Right?

So, this is a relatively melodramatic video ad from the SickKids Foundation, which is (if I’m reading their website info/FAQ correctly) a Canadian children’s hospital, research, and fundraising foundation. They have a bunch of other videos, and what looks to be a pretty robust ad campaign going. This particular video is in honor of mothers of sick or disabled kids, for Mother’s Day.

I have some quibbles with it. It’s a bit melodramatic, yes, with the music and the script and the editing. Although it’s been specifically made for moms and Mother’s Day, I couldn’t watch it without feeling a loss for all that A and I have both had to do since E was born. How he as E’s dad works as hard as I do, and props us all up when we need it — his lack of presence as both dad and partner is palpable. I suppose the flippant answer is, just wait for Father’s Day and he’ll get his own video then. 

Having said all that, I cried watching it. It encompassed so, so, so much of what I’ve felt in the past two-plus years, and it was hard to see all that laid out on screen. I don’t know if I’ve yet become an actual strong mom, either, just because I manage to get up in the morning, and keep my patience when E won’t be put down (still. Still), and to see the people standing next to me or cheerily talking in a video on my computer, and feeling utterly outside the world that everyone else lives in. I have a teetering feeling that I’m not over anything and I won’t be for years.

Bah. Where are you when I need you, Forget-Me-Nows? Stuck in Michael Bluth’s craw, no doubt.



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