Daily Unknowables


Filled 3 garden boxes today and my arms feel good. Tomorrow brings the start of three days of rain. So the remainder of black dirt is now covered with silver tarps, and so shall it remain until either the rain stops (and I come up with a good place to put it after roping off the boxes and raising the grade alongside the house) or until it all melts into mud and clogs the street gutter. Bah. Such a rainy April.


Yesterday as I was trying to make space on my aging laptop, I discovered two old unwatched Doctor Who eps. I tried to watch them, and failed. There is something in my brain right now that rejects Doctor Who, unless it is old Doctor Who, or Tennant Doctor Who. (It is season/series 7.) I will probably watch them with half a brain while tooling around the room with E, because I purchased them and I can’t possibly waste a purchase because the Frugal Grandma Demon has a claw deep in my neck, but I feel grudging about it. Fun, come back to me! For two hours! I’ll give you brownies!


I made the best brownies this week. Take the Hershey recipe as your base (check out their website, it should be there), and double it, unless you are satisfied with a measly 8 or 9″ square pan. If you don’t want to use four eggs, use three and add 2-3 tablespoons of applesauce. Pulverize some shelled pistachios (about a third or half cup), and chop up some tart fresh or canned cherries (about a half cup). Dump it the mix at the end along with some chocolate chips. Bake a couple minutes longer than normal. Try not to eat the whole pan.


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