Easter Weekend Gardening


A and I split childcare duties this weekend so I could hack up the shrubbery. We have three giant lilacs behind our garage, and true to form for the house’s previous owners (avowed non-gardeners who hired landscapers), they look like they’ve been running rampant and free for at least a few years. I sawed and lopped and chopped until I recognized I was getting hack-happy, and took a break to pile branches. It was then that I noticed some new bulb growth. I have no idea what they were, but they kind of resemble endives, don’t they? Only pink, of course. But it’s possible that all bulb-things look endivey to the untrained, hack-happy eye. Texted the pics to my mom and she thought they were peonies or lilies. Any thoughts, Internet?

The garden box dirt is coming today. Super big day, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Gardening

    1. Maybe mine are white or pale pink? Also (like, just as I was reading this comment) my mom sent me another text saying her peony buds look like this. I think you guys are right…


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