If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.




This last cold has done something funky to my ears. They’re crackling and popping and very sensitive to any nose-blowing attempts. And everything sounds really annoying. E’s yelling, babbling, and crying are turned up to eleven and agonizing in close quarters. A.’s footsteps sound like stomps, and his stomps like the house is collapsing. I’ve gone back to my trusty newborn-tested* earplugs. Yawning does nothing to help. Could my eardrum(s) be perforated? Tell me, Internet. And don’t worry — the cotton swabs are locked away in a trunk somewhere. No cotton swabs, EVER.


That’s a trick designation — as long as it has subtitles, I can watch it with earplugs in while E naps on my shoulder. He seems like he’s weaning off of his final daily nap, so I’m enjoying it and the snuggles for as long as possible. And what are we watching these days and evenings?

  • HeatRewatch. Boy oh boy, how Robert De Niro charmed my teen heart. Al Pacino is just as ridiculous in this as I remember. Their love is the real love (relevant AO3 link, just because. I couldn’t believe it was there! Thanks, Internet), despite the movie’s attempt to give every man his woman. It was definitely disappointing to watch them through adult eyes — they all have very distinct and interesting personalities, but their every move, every line is as a satellite to their male counterparts, who see all the action and do no waiting at home. So, huh. Also I suspect Michael Mann really enjoys coming up with the character names for his movies.
  • Intolerable Cruelty. Rewatch. I will always enjoy seeing George Clooney goof around with/on behalf of the Coen brothers. I did forget how funny Paul Adelstein is as Wrigley.
  • 30 Rock. A and I are watching this with dinner. Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer are delightful. But it is really unfair to have a four-line ear worm based on a fake song. Curse you, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.
  • Foyle’s War. Really liking this. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s Michael Kitchen as a police officer in Hastings during World War II. Lots of detail and nuance and gray, gray, gray areas. The second episode of the first season, which had a plot that focused on British fascists, anti-Semitism, and “practical patriotism” contained stuff that wouldn’t sound out of place during last year’s election, or a certain candidate’s rallies and twitter feed/followers. It was eerie. Anyway, it’s an excellent show with more interesting plots than your standard murder-rape-rehash-glorify-etc procedural. And there’s a lot of it! Look on Netflix or at your local library.

Incidentally I noticed that the bottoms of E’s grippiest shoes (the absolute best for wearing in his gait trainer) have a pattern like Stars of David. They look pretty when he steps in sand.


* Good ol’ PURPLE crying combined with good ol’ colic (with a heavy schmear of — in E’s case — undiagnosed brain issues). There is nothing like it.



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