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I opened up a document last night and started typing — and then I thought, oh, but first, you wanted to do that bit of smitchsmatch research. So I went online. What a fool I was (Alain).

So our president is ordering missile strikes in another country, after denying entry to our country from that country’s refugees, and after denying that such intervention was possible without congressional approval when it was last on the table (in 2013). And warned his buddies so that we only blew up Syrians, no Russians. And our bigger news networks and some Republican congresspeople have decided that a d-bag who blows people up is a d-bag they can get behind, because…I dunno why. They’re either

A) afraid that this means he’ll shoot missiles at THEM (personally) if they don’t step in line, or

B) truly turned on and impressed by vicarious military action.

This is just so crappy. I feel sick, and I feel great contempt for all the dratbothers who are hawking it up oh-so-desperately right now. I would feel the same sickness if sanity had prevailed last November and our current President Clinton did the same thing. I want to protect and help Syrians, but this is not the way to do it. Look it up.





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