Get Out (2017)


A. and I have a new standard movie-going procedure. When a new movie comes out that we’re excited about, we do an alternating excursion: one of us goes alone to the cinema while the other watches E. Maybe this’ll change when we get E properly started with respite care. I think the last time A and I had a date (or rather, a segment of uninterrupted time out sans child) was over Christmas holidays in 2015.

The respite care/PCA folks informed me that DATEY ROMANCE TIME is vital to our relationship as people, parents, etc. Sounds good to me! But until his caregiver is trained and E gets used to them, we’ll be doing the trade-off technique. Couple that technique with minimal fun funds, and consequently, we’re a lot more selective about the movies we see. Mostly these days we wait for Netflix, movie rental, or the public library to get it. This is why I’m usually 1-2 years behind on my entertainment.

Last night I went to see Get Out. (Spoilers to follow, if you haven’t seen it.)

Wow, I had a lot of feelings about this. (Feelings in addition to OMG AWESOME, I mean.) It was really tight, sharp, well-done in story, characters, and pacing. Nothing felt extraneous. I want to watch it again, because after discussion with A (who went today to see it), I want to see what I missed. Here are some things I liked and/or noticed:

  • The opening and then ending: for Chris, the hero, it starts with his relationship with Rose and their kiss. It ends with her betrayal, her death in the road, him alone and miserable. At the most basic (my forte, har), I read this as the great promise of love and hope! The great post-racial society we live in! Where you can love and be with people who are different ethnicities, and it’s okay! Except the end smacks that down, as the reality is not simple, not post-racial, not as easy as all you need is love, and never was.
  • The opening for Andre: so creepy. I want to know more about the history of the song, Run Rabbit Run, and how/when/if it was appropriated to be shitty racism before or for this movie. Probably the former, though — A mentioned about it making an appearance in The Great Debaters as well as a dog whistle.
  • The movie was exhausting before we got to the fantastic horror elements. Such a perfect portrayal of daily microaggressions, and why that term is appropriate even if you think it’s pedantic or snooty. Aggression, or aggressive, is the right word. And Daniel Kaluuya is fantastic.
  • Everyone was fantastic in it. You know how sometimes you watch a movie with an excellent cast, and there’s one or two people who you can’t buy? Miscasting, not quite in the same league as their costars, whatever. That didn’t happen in this. Everyone was on point. How Stephen Root manages to be so creepy and pathetic in perfect combination in so many different roles, I’ll never know.
  • The chair stuffing — I had no clue what Chris was going to do with it. And yet it was set up perfectly, as he’d already demonstrated he could almost reach his fingers, by his attempts to bite at the belt.
  • I truly didn’t catch on that Georgiana and Walter were Grandma and Grandpa until the reveal. Georgiana is the saddest — on this first viewing, Grandma inside Georgiana appears like a servant herself, relegated to the kitchen, speaking so little except to echo the words of others, stealing weird fixated moments in front of mirrors. Oh gosh, this movie.
  • If the cop at the end hadn’t been Rod, I was so prepared to lose my mind. I read that Jordan Peele initially envisioned the ending as darker, with a local cop showing up instead of Rod in his TSA car. That would have been shattering, and I’m glad he went the other way even though it might be less realistic and awful. (A and I also debated how Rod found him with his magic TSmotherfuckingA powers. Cell phone tracking? Or did he just call a buddy who worked in ticketing with an address request? HOW)
  • Can I just say I loved Rod’s confidence that he and the TSA are generally amazing masterminds of their domains?

I’d like to see it again, but I’ll probably wait for library/Netflix/rental. Luxury for the month is done! But it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to see a movie twice. Well fucking done, Mr. Peele and company.


This is just to say that everyone in my household is farting right now except for me. That includes the dog. It is so stinky here. My fingers are losing the will to type. Anyway.


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