Spring Break without the WOO


This week we have a barrage of appointments for E. We’ll be spending the bulk of tomorrow getting his first botox injections, and later in the week we’ll do his 24-48 hour-long EEG. In happier news, E. took his first self-motivated steps in his gait trainer! I was not home, of course, but A. took a video because he’s incredible like that. Frustratingly, we’re still in the one step forward, eleventy-one steps back mode — E has yet to repeat his performance. But oh, it was nice to see.


Still rereading Lord of the Rings, am on The Two Towers now. It’s very comforting. My mom loaned me one of her old gardening books: How to Have a Green Thumb Without An Aching BackI haven’t cracked it yet, and I spent my spare time today filling my seed starters with early peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Then I figured that since my hands were dirty, I might as well separate and repot all our African violets, so I did that. Then E. and I enjoyed some old Great British Bake-off episodes. Marshmallow fondant is my new goal in life.


I’ve decided to go through my Bernard Clayton bread book and make something new every week, if only so I can properly channel Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in my head when I cut open a fresh-from-the-oven loaf of bread. It’s tempting to do monkey bread or gugelhupf or something else with, say, two cups of butter. But I started last week responsibly with Honfleur Country Bread, or pain de campagne Honfleur. AKA whole wheat bread from a guy in Honfleur, which is in Normandy.

It is simple to make — very few ingredients, lots of rising-resting time but little overall process, especially if you opt for four smaller loaves rather than one gigantic bread-whale. We ate one with a pot roast, and another for the week’s breakfasts with apple butter. I gave one to my mom. And we still have one loaf left. Not bad for a weekly project. This week: Cuban bread or monkey bread, depending on how hard up for sweets A. and I are. I’m still off candy — over 2 months! Wow! My brain is still confused as hell — and so far I have not lost my shit in Fleet Farm. A palpable win, I think.


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