Odds and Ends of Life with Disability

It’s time for the medical healthcare tidbit roundup! This week I learned that:

  • Every single one of E’s medical accounts requires three phone calls to make sure that they are running it through primary insurance AND secondary insurance. With each new phone call, I verify that they have both numbers. “Yep, we got them!” is the repeated response. Oh, you have them? Great! So how the hell do I get you to USE THEM? Guess that’s a question for the next call, which I will make after I get the next bill, which still has not been billed to secondary insurance. I suppose it’s up to the providers if they want to wait on payment for three months.
  • We have no money. Yay!
  • Our secondary insurance expanded the gap in coverage by seven days, which was enough to drop the leftover MRI costs directly in our lap. Too bad I used all that tax return money to finally pay off our Minnesota moving costs.
  • Borrowed an ILL copy of The Special Needs Planning Guide. I’m into chapter one. So far my face has melted, but I’m sure I’ll still be able to read the rest. Just kidding; it seems like a good practical book. It even shows you how to set up a budget if you don’t have one. It’s just funny to see in such stark terms how little we have right now to get through the month, let alone to set aside for E’s future.
  • I can eat 8 cups of popcorn all by myself! Oh wait, that’s not news — that’s everyday life.*

Boy, that was great to write all that out. I feel so good now. Fun stuff that is unrelated to the above:

  • Look, here’s a post about two player games: Because It’s a FAQ: 2-Player Tabletop Games from Wil Wheaton. Not that we can afford to purchase any of these right now, but now at least I have a game purchase plan. Our local comics shop has great game selection and a new competitor just up the street, so we should be able to find them in person (and hopefully reasonably priced) rather than online. So ten years from now, when I’ve finally played Hive, I’ll totally link back to this post.
  • Did you know cheese is addictive? Doctor’s Book Presents The Case Against ‘Dairy Crack’ or as I like to call it, lalalalalala not listening. Boy, I sure miss those NPR comments that would’ve told me how wrong and stupid and Assface Conservative/Evil Liberal this article was.
  • Tonight dinner will be egg rolls. Carry on, all.




*If only I could cut out this popcorn gluttony we’d probably save an extra $5 a month. C’mon, woman.


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