Clear as Muddy Window Glass


That sounds like a Masterpiece miniseries. But no, I am talking about actual windows. We will soon have new windows in our dining room! We will also have much less money, unless the window salesman decides to do me a solid and pay for them. That attitude is the  opposite of the Martin Blank one, where if the hitman shows up at the foot of your bed, you probably feel some whiny resignation and justice in addition to the oh god oh god. No, feel free to swan through my fantasyland where people gift you things with no strings attached because you are awesome! I’m sure it happens to someone, somewhere. And now we’re veering into Unbreakable territory and Samuel L. Jackson’s awesome law of opposites, and I’m not going to beat this one any longer.

I finally took down our frumpy window treatments. It felt like peeling away dead leaves. Goodbye, mustard upholstery! Hello, spring!


What have I been watching? The Netflix. What on the Netflix, you ask?

  • Broadchurch. I waffle back and forth between taking this seriously and not. Love David Tennant, love Olivia Coleman, love their back-and-forth. Love the new guest stars in the second season, though it took me ages to recognize Jarvis.
  • The Fall. Ugh, ugh, ugh, can’t not take this seriously.
  • The X-Files. Just watched the alien cockroach episode, which was one long goofball. At least by season 3, they seem to have hit their stride with the goofball Monster of the Week episodes.
  • Deathgasm. Delightful and disgustingly gory. Lots of Sam Raimi/Peter Jackson horror vibe. You would not think that hideous demons, sex toy death, and weed-whacking a ween could be made in any way charming solely by a New Zealand accent, but there you go.
  • Grosse Pointe Blank. As evidenced above. Comfort food.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Okay, I know everyone told me this is so good, but it is SO GOOD. I’m biased, I know — I could watch Avery Brooks boil water, but everyone else is so good, too. And the writers seem like they’re having fun. There’s the slow build to finding out just what the Dominion is, and what they’re doing over there in the Gamma Quadrant. There are the episodes that call back to TOS — I couldn’t believe that William Campbell and Jon Colicos and Michael Ansara showed up. Voyager was fun for me mostly because of Janeway, but this is good.
  • The Last Unicorn. Another comfort watch. I’ve been doing a lot of those since November.

A. and I caught up on the second season of Veep and it was almost too depressing. Also depressing is the sense that JLD and/or her character would be a better president.

What’s new with you, internet?





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