More Medical News


Apparently I am only going to post medical things from now on. But this is in line with our mission statement because I THINK the original point of this blog was to whine about ulcerative colitis and library science, or something.

E had his MRI. I called the neurologist and made some hemmy-hawwy worried noises while staying on the phone very politely and emphatically, and they magically found an appointment in the next week instead of the next month. Score one for passive-aggressive/aggressively apologetic parenting, I guess? I do not expect this will work regularly, so I will mixing up my routine with those other reliables, Pig Lipstick Hockey Bear and the Night Cutthroat.


E. has mild hydrocephalus. It is not enough yet to warrant either meds or a shunt. It is not clear yet whether or not it will He might be in pain from it — we don’t know yet. But we have another EEG scheduled in a month, and will be measuring his head at each appointment until he has a follow-up MRI in six months. I, of course, will be measuring his head every day and freaking out. More parenting wins for me!

Not much else to report. We have lots of therapy this week. I am tired.


Direct quote from husband to baby tonight: “Aw, gross, E, you’re like the alien on Alien.” Well actually, A., the alien on Alien also suffers from sialorrhea and nobody appreciates you bringing it up, OKAY? (But it is true. So much drool. So much.)



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