Cold Days, Cold Nights


We’re getting into the bitter winter temps here, even though we’re in the southeastern part of Minnesota. We are also firmly entrenched in the We-Have-No-Money season that follows directly on the heels of winter holidays, so I’ve been looking for easy and cheap meals that also make my winter belly* feel full and satisfied. As always, I love Budget Bytes for this kind of thing, but I happened upon a great recipe at the cooking blog Immaculate Bites that hit all those buttons:

Slow Cooker Chicken and Bean Stew

After finding Imma’s blog, I put this together on a whim while E. was doing some stander time. Slow cooker recipes are excellent for that, because I can pull him into the kitchen, do some chopping while we yell-talk at each other, push him into the living room, play and sing some songs, pull him back into the kitchen and throw some chicken in the frying pan, stir and walk him out again, etc, etc. He was very interested in the sound and smell of the browning chicken, and the spices, and the stirring sounds. He is also enamored of a new spoon we got for Christmas:


So we used that to cook, and then I washed it and let him chomp on it for a while.

Regarding the recipe itself, I did the typical things we all do when we decide to make something on a whim — replace some of the fresh herbs and spices with their dry equivalent (cough cough GINGER and THYME cough cough). I also used canned diced tomatoes instead of fresh, for the same reason, and I left out the jalapeño for ulcerative colitisy colon reasons. I look forward to trying this recipe again with fresh ginger, though, as it’s supposed to have.

Thing I would not change: the smoked paprika. The flavor is too awesome and potent to replace.

highly recommend both this recipe and her insistence on cornbread. We also made mashed potatoes for the first night, and rice for the following night’s leftovers, for extra winter belly padding.

*appears only in winter, linked to winter needs such as hibernation, thick comfy sweaters, and increased batches of homemade mac and cheese. Also studies have statistically shown that winter bellies are ravaging rapacious creatures, similar to the more frequently seen dessert pocket.


A. and I started watching Jessica Jones, and we’re loving it. Netflix in general is ruining me. I have a good old fashioned paper list of Movies I Want To Watch stuck to the fridge, so I started searching for them. I found It Follows immediately and starting watching it.

Mistake! Mistake! Christ alive, I can’t handle scary movies anymore. I had to stop it thirty minutes in because I almost peed my pants in terror. And now I’m caught between terror and irritation at not knowing how it ends, and I refuse to look online and spoil myself even if that lances my suppurating terror-boil. Seriously, though, agh. So scary.

Feel-good recovery watch: Last Holiday. Thank you, Queen Latifah.


2 thoughts on “Cold Days, Cold Nights

  1. We started watching the new adaptation of the Lemony Snickett books (“A Series of Unfortunate Events”) with Neil Patrick Harris ( Really fun. Also re-watching all of Friends — very satisfying to go back to the days when a “season” actually had a full 20+ episodes, rather than the current frustrating so-called “season” of maybe six episodes, if they’re feeling generous :P Your chicken stew sounds yummy!

    Speaking of comfort food, I made this on Saturday. It is teh nomz.


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