Memory’s Exile updates

What is Memory’s Exile, you might ask, and why should you care about updates regarding it?

Memory’s Exile is the final title for my book, which finally has a release date! It’ll be coming out on March 28, 2017. I may have a cover image soon, which I’ll certainly plaster all over this site and anywhere else I can without being too obnoxious. But I am already trying to keep my woohooing as sedate as possible. Because, release date! Cover! Woohoo!

If any of my followers on here are interested in reviewing an SF book, let me know and I’ll let my editor and publisher know — she might send you an ARC. Not sure? Would you like a quick summary, written by me? Here you go:

Jake Jeong is a genius, a scientist, an amnesiac, and a convicted felon. Luckily for him, he’s not vain. Doubly lucky, too, that Earth’s society no longer executes murderers as, flailing in the long aftermath of a planet-wide virus, brainpower is indispensible. With the help of a handy punitive implant that doles Jake a regular schedule of “punishment” nightmares, he’s allowed to contribute to society. On Selas Station, a deep space installation extremely far from Earth. One that is perilously close to being either a historical artifact, or a wreck.

Luckier still for Jake that he’s not a picky bastard. Selas Station’s isolation is more escape than prison, and between repairs and expeditions to the mysterious planet they orbit, life in the middle of nowhere is rife with opportunity for adventure. The station crew is made up of other disgraced and disagreeable folk, so Jake’s in good company. Provided he keeps his head down and works hard, his life in exile is mostly bearable. Until the morning he wakes to an unscheduled glitchy dream, to familiar faces—one long dead, the other long-desired—and to terror, lust, betrayal, and atonement.

If that strikes your fancy, contact me with your info and I’ll pass it along.

It’s weird to refer to my book with its own title, instead than The Book of Doom, or The Novel That Ate The Lesser Suburbs of Minneapolis, or whatever other fake name I came up with for each blog post.



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